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Alright, so I've decided to whore myself out to roleplaying on here.
I roleplay Hetalia in literate form
I'll roleplay anything - angst, smut, fluff, historical, anything. In smut I'll do any kink. I'm very open and I'll probably like it. I like using their human names, but I don't mind country names.
I roleplay as Raivis(Latvia), Gilbert(Prussia), and Francis(France).
I'm mainly looking for an Ivan for my Raivis, but I wouldn't mind a Rodereich either.
I roleplay on skype; which is SydSquiddile. I dont have a msn messenger thingy yet, but I might get one.
I'm kind of mediocre, and bad. A fair warning.
Thank you and have a nice day!

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I often do any sort of Hetalia RP ( ' V ')b
I do Scotland/England/America... & Possibly S.Korea... He needs work though 'OTL

So, feel free to skype me as well~
[Warning! I'm a lover for smut/romance/humour♥]


& my skype is....




What a lame-arse name~

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